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A Visual Journey

 Tanya Wolski (b. 1984 Minsk, Belarus) is an American painter. She studied at the State University, International Humanitarian Institute named after M. Chagall, the department of Humanities and Judaica. In 2001 Wolski was involved in interdisciplinary studies, blending the fields of art and history of art. Along with English, Tanya also studied Hebrew and Spanish languages. Since childhood Wolski was fascinated with art of any kind, from ‘great art’ of Malevich, Chagall and Rothko, to decorative items overburdened with details like capodimonte chandeliers, kitsch of theatrical marionette, porcelain figurines and Persian rugs.
In search of her dream to become an artist, Wolski moved to the United States of America in 2004. In Connecticut she began her artistic career continuously experimenting with new forms of painting, exploring the boundaries between pop art and immediacy of its meaning.

The first shows she received in 2007,  presenting her works in various group shows and local auctions, one of them to benefit George Bray Cancer Center. 

In 2010 the Museum of American Art (New Britain, CT) accessioned two of her paintings to the permanent collection, these include "The Broad Street" and "Blue Amber" paintings. The curatorial conversation with Alexander Noelle (NBMAA chief curator) brought not only fruitful art relationships, but also a studio visit by NBMAA director Douglas Hyland, who expressed his time in the studio as “a valuable gift that is worth sharing with others, emphasizing high artistic competence and unusual premature vision that must be nurtured and cared for”. 

In 2014 Wolski met Will K. Wilkins, executive director of Real Art Ways - an alternative multidisciplinary arts organization in Hartford, CT. Wilkins and his team were exceptionally supportive to Wolski’s projects, offering her a solo show and a completion of a mural - ‘Blast of Deliciousness’ sized 30 x 18 feet. Coincidentally the same wall was previously painted by Sol LeWitt in 1981. Wolski described the magic coincidence as a ‘time travel’ experience, when only a few layers of primer separated her from LeWitt’s strokes which vibrations she could feel, ‘hear’ and ‘taste’. These precious ‘ultra’ moments can be conveyed to an artist through the personal touch. With this primarily in mind, Wolski endeavored her long overseas travel in 2016, to ‘fill the gaps’ and experience the individual way of personal harmonious development through art and culture. The same year Tanya participated in several Art Symposiums in India, and she was granted ICSA award by the European Academy of Science and Arts in Slovakia. 2017 Wolski spent mostly in Europe, residing in Austria where she painted  many large scale works and held numerous exhibitions throughout the year. On the other hand, she missed living in the USA tremendously and came back enriched with joyous desire for the highest endeavors. 
Since arriving on the scene, Tanya Wolski has worked to capture and intrigue the art community with her beautiful work. They gather much of the inspiration from personal tales, environment, and cultures around the world. 

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